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Precision Ag

Precision agriculture is no longer a new term in crop production. It is now a widely accepted practice. Aerial imagery is a key component in utilizing precision agriculture techniques for the management of farmland.

  Imagery does not replace the need for crop scouting. Instead, it directs growers to areas of the field that require ground truthing.

Crop monitoring from Above


 Satellite Images are available every 10 days during the crop season. (Cloud cover depended)

 Easily compare your farm status to the previous month, or perhaps a year ago, with a Comparison Slider.   Click for example

 Visualize your farm in Near Infra Red or Natural Color Maps to compare problem areas. Click for example

  Visit your farm in Google Earth to detect stress factors in the field. 

 Make use of a Mobile Application which will display a NDVI Geo-referenced map of your fields.

 Navigate to the stress areas using the Mobile application, make observations and share your findings with the rest of the team.


Productivity Investigation


 Create Management Zones using historic data to determine where the productivity areas are.

 Crop history is available and assist with management zones. You have the ability to not only compare the last month with the current, but go back a few years.


tractorCROP WATCH AFRICA’s  Crop Imaging Services are affordable, charged per hectare per year and individual packages can be setup for client specific requirements.  Contact us for more info.


  Satellite imaging is generally with-in 72 hours available to the client, after image acquisition.

You don’t have to wait another week to find out if there are possible problems arising.

Nutrient / Appl. Mapping

Grid Example Prescription1

 Variable Rate Mapping is a process of taking an image from a field and creating zones based off this input image. From these zone maps, Fertilizing maps can be produced.

Variable Rate Fertilizing: Fertilizing can be N-P-K, Micro-Nutrients, Lime or Manure applications.  Images will typically be adjusted to 3 to 5 zones for soil sampling.  Yield goals set for each zone.  Zones are soil sampled.  Variable Rate Application maps created.

 Application maps can be exported to most common applicators.

Precision Farming Continues

 High Resolution Satellite images

Drone Imaging of the problem areas


 Learn more about our Pest Monitoring Services, combined with imagery, gives you a birds eye-view of your pests populations.




Use the slider to move side ways to compare the same field, but for two different months or different years.




Use the slider to move side ways to compare the same field, but with different color images.  Which do you prefer?

 Natural and Near Infra Red Color Maps have been Pan-sharpened from 30m to 15m.  Near Infra Red:  Pink = Healthy Vegetation

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)  images can be displayed in many different color maps.  Yellow-Green color:  Green = Healthy Vegetation.  Rainbow colors:  Purple/Pink = Healthy Vegetation.