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'' Protection through Detection ''

By utilising an Early Warning System, eradication programs can be put in place before significant damage to crops is caused.

CROP WATCH AFRICA website provides a portal to information and maps on identifying, recording, trend analysis and the Early Detection of Southern Africa’s invasive pest species.

Our Early Warning System (EWS) supports governments and industry specific stakeholders goal across Southern Africa of safeguarding agricultural resources by ensuring that new introductions of harmful invasive pests are detected as soon as possible, before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

In addition to our Early Warning System for invasive pests, we also provide Insect Monitoring services to individual farms and agents where we provide you with a mapping portal to have a bird’s eye view of your crops and the insect counts for each trap. This is complimented by our Crop Imaging Service where you have the option of Drone based imaging or Satellite imaging.

We are an expanding company and always interested to find ways in which we can work together with distributors, agronomists, growers and research institutes to detect emerging new pests and make our systems even better.




   CROP WATCH AFRICA is a South African business that builds partnerships and supports collaborative projects, policy research, outreach and education to protect Southern Africa’s agriculture, forests, gardens and cities from the damaging effects of invasive species.

We have a global reach to address invasive species issues across Southern Africa.

In order to maintain the Early Warning System for invasive pests, we also offer other services like Pest monitoring on farms and Crop Imaging utilizing satellite or drone images. All this comes together on our EWS Mapping portal for a bird’s eye view of problems or infestations.